Konsep Pembatasan Hak Milik dan Pengambilalihan Hak Milik Atas Tanah Menurut Syari’at Islam


The writer of the article discourses the concept of “tahdid al-milkiyah” ( the limitation of ownership ) and al-ta’mim ( the nationalization). The realization of both tahdid al-milkiyah and al-ta’mim can be justified according to the decisions of Islamic Syari’at. And the public interest (maslahah ammah) principle denotes the fundament of the realization of two concepts above-mentioned. The most important in this sense is the application of tahdid al-milkiyah will give the utility for the needs of community, society, and the state. So will the concept of al-ta’mim, if a state in emergency cunducted the nationalization of wealth from its owner because of the necessity of the public, but the government should pay fine. If the steps of the realization of both concepts afore-mentioned tahdid al-milkiyah and al-ta’mim should realize wisely will applicable well.

Ditulis oleh M. Arsyad Kusasy

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