Jaminan Perundang-undangan tentang Eksistensi Lembaga Keuangan Syari`ah di Indonesia


The author of this article explains that Islamic economics system actually has developed in Indonesia. But because of Dutch Colonized era and the government after, Islamic economics system has been marginalized in Indonesia. In the beginning of 1990s, Islamic economics particularly in monetary system that indicates the operating of Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI-Muamalat Bank of Indonesia) in 1992, Lembaga Keuangan Syari’ah (LKBS-Syariah Finance Institution), and Lembaga Keuangan Syari’ah Non Bank (LKSBB-Non-Bank Syariah Finance Institution).These institutions emerge at the time when economic crisis happen in Indonesia. According to the writer of the article the growth of Islamic economics institutions in Indonesia gives hopes. But the problem in the context of those is the legislations that regulate the institution do not appear yet.

Ditulis oleh Muhammad Amin Suma

Full Text


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